Sunday, 31 May 2015

Micro sweeping

Due to paucity of moths in the garden trap recently, I have taken to sweeping in the Wyre. On the last two occasions, both early evening, I targeted the Clay Roads between the car park and John's bridge. In the often damp cuttings awash with sedges and docks I was surprised to net over 20 species of micros. Elachistas were well represented with up to 5 gleichenella, 4 atricomella and 3 albifrontella. I netted a lovely aureatella, 4 praelatellas, obtusana and only my second forsterella. The latter was noticably larger than the Cocksfoot Moth and the white spot was very obvious under a lens! It might be prudent to organise a day out in the Wyre soon armed with nets for these often elusive micros.


  1. A nice haul Ian. I often find netting more productive for less common micros and it's a lot less tiring than stopping up all night with the light trap!

  2. I'd be up for a day time field trip to the Wyre - not least to see that kaleidoscopic moth in the blog header.


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