The following are guidelines for posting reports and photos on this website:

    • Maximum of 5 photos per report is recommended.  This is a guide number only.
    • Maximum size for photos:  1Mb (but 500Kb or less is preferred).  Once uploaded, please keep the image size at "Medium" (which is the default size).  Should they wish to, viewers can always click on the image itself to see it at a larger size.  
    • Keep in mind that the site itself doesn't have a maximum limit on its photo storage space.  Instead, you as individual contributors each have a limit (1GB, more if you use Google+).   
    • Blogs to be polite at all times.
    • Please remember to give the appropriate location (place & county) somewhere in your blog and add your name at the end of it.  The name is important because those of you signing up to the option "Follow by email" will not otherwise be able to see who has posted the blog.

    The site Administrator may edit or delete blogs which are considered to be inappropriate.

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  1. 13th July 2020
    Opened the Skinner trap run in my back garden within the eastern Hereford City boundary and discovered a male Privet Hawk-moth - Sphinx lingustri within. A first for me.


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