Wednesday, 19 August 2020

I have been hearing of some migrant moths being seen in the Midlands, so the lights have been on at Norchard, Worcs. A Convolvulus Hawk-moth came this morning, along with my first Mocha, a species thought to be increasing locally. The White-point a recent colonist to the South East, or possible migrant, came after Sunday nights recording. Other migrants here have included  double figure Silver Y's, some Diamond-backs, and a couple of Rusty-dot Pearls.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Blogger updated

Anyone posting on this site will now notice that a new version of blogger has taken over, although you can revert to the old format for a while. Still trying to get myself around it and at first glance it is much the same except they've moved everything around. Hopefully better, but at the moment a little irritating, I'm sure practise and familiarisation will change that perception. Peter Hall

Bringsty Common August 10th

 A warm night, my weather station says minimum was 17.9 degrees last night. A spectacular light show just before midnight in the northern sky, with endless flashes of lightning (but no thunder), which the rainfall radar suggested was happening towards Snowdonia, enhanced the scene. Apart from carnage in the morning thanks to a few hornets, the trap had been very busy with around 80 species. Yet another Small Elephant Hawk moth and even more surprising another White-pinion spotted, suggesting a slightly more serious attempt to second brood. My fifth of the season Angle-striped Sallow also, with the first being on June 30th, so quite a long season for it, unless a migrant of course. Peter Hall



Sunday, 9 August 2020

51 species and 131 moths

 Successful moth trap yesterday evening. Highlights included new for us Endotricha flammealis, Caloptilia cuculipennella,  Knot Grass, Ypsolopha dentella, Celypha striana

, and a possible Jubilee fan foot, it is larger than a common fan foot.  We also had a Pale prominent, a Sandy carpet, a Poplar Grey, 4 Coxcombs, 3 Canary shouldered thorns, and an Elephant hawk moth.  Advice on the fan foot would be appreciated as its listed as a rare migrant.
Location Welsh newton common. 

Saturday, 8 August 2020

An Acompsia season on the Doward

After a couple of A. schmidtiellus last week the more common A. cinerella has turned up as well. I have missed both these in recent years.
Also nearly missed this site first Small China-mark by dismissing it as a worn drab thing until its wings opened. A long way from duckweed here.

Also good to be seeing a few Barred Hooktips again.

Getting broody

It's definitely quietening down out there. Last night with perfect conditions produced under 100 species in good quality woodland near Kington. However, out of interest, in the garden 2 nights ago I had a good condition Small Elephant Hawk come to the garden Robinson and last night  - the very last moth looked at during pack up time, was a White-pinion Spotted. 2 more that are beginning to second brood perhaps or still a product of that hot Spring weather? Peter Hall

Bringsty Common: Small Elephant Hawk 
Mowley Wood: White-pinion Spotted

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Oak Eggar

First ever oak eggar today, flying around the workshop lights.  Very impressive moth.

Monday, 3 August 2020

Micro on Alder

I swept this micromoth from an Alder at Wofferwood Common this afternoon. At first I thought I had caught Stathmopoda pedella but soon realised it was something unfamiliar to me. Am I right in thinking that is is Caloptilia falconipennella?