Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Haugh Wood

Haugh Wood: Barred Hook-tip
On Sunday Rob and myself ventured out to Haugh Wood. There was a stiff breeze and it was slightly chilly. We ran 4 traps, 2 well sheltered and 2 less so. It was "steady as she goes" all evening really until we packed up just after midnight. 46 species of macros and 5 micros and a smattering of Maybugs of course. Of interest were Great Prominent (10), Barred Umber (1), Mocha (1), Barred Hook-tip (2), Alder Kitten (2). Orange Footman made an appearance (2). Highest count was Nut-tree Tussock on 17 only (excluding Maybugs).
Haugh Wood: Alder Kitten
Haugh Wood: Scalloped Hazel

Haugh Wood: Pisaura mirabilis
We had this rather splendid Wolf Spider standing guard over one of Rob's traps most of the evening. Peter Hall & Robin Hemming

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