Thursday, 30 June 2022

Dymock Woods 23/6

 A few more from the group trapping effort at Dymock.

Orange Moth

Green Silver-lines

Brindled White Spot

Dingy Shell

Blotched Emerald

Minor Shoulder-knot

Apotomis capreana

Orthotaenia undulana

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Dymock Forest June 23rd

Having travelled south on Monday I spent 2 days and nights moth trapping successfully in Bucks before migrating over to Herefordshire for another 2 nights of moth trapping plus a moth breakfast with Robin Hemming. I was in a sleep deprived haze at the cold and windy moth breakfast. Dymock Forest proved to be a warm and still night but moth numbers actually fell below expectations. It's too early to suggest accurate total species numbers between the various 7 traps in use, but typical catches were plus/minus 100 species, so maybe combined after all the micros have been identified, we'll be between 150 and 200 species, I suspect. The target was Orange moth and in total 5 were seen, 4 at one pair of traps and 1 and another location. A nice bonus was 6 Great Oal Beauty which arrived at one pair of traps but not elsewhere. The following night I went to Mowley Wood but it had turned wet then cold so nothing really to report from that spot, although the bottle of beer was nice and cold and Mars bar not soggy. Peter Hall

Dymock Forest: Beautiful Snout

Dymock Forest: Great Oak Beauty

Dymock Forest: Great Oak Beauty

Dymock Forest: Orange moth


Saturday, 25 June 2022

More pheromoning by-catch Results in Warndon

Having read posts about API (Six-belted Clearwing Lure) on Facebook attracting various 'clothes moths' I hung out my 9 year old lure on my large garden birch tree at the end of May, in more vague hope than expectancy! On the evening of the 8th June I noticed a small tineid moth had been caught. Having potted and fridged it I got a record shot in the pot next day.
I was pretty sure this was Nemapogon variatella and Jon Newman kindly added a thumbs up. He had already had several confirmed from same capture method at Peterborough, Cambs. My moth was very white indeed compare to Cork Moth, Corn Moth but unfortunately had a mis-formed wing angle. A week later another moth, this time in much better condition was spotted in trap mid-evening.
(photo Patrick Clement) This moth was later confirmed as a male N. variatella by PC - so these 2 now bring the county total to four. Am now trying the VES (Yellow-legged Clearwing Lure) in the same spot, evening and night only in the hope of another species!

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Clearwings in Hereford

 2 species have showed up in my Hereford garden so far this month, out of the 4 total known from here. I've been hanging out lures for 4 others but to no avail so far. Lunar Hornet Moth was very nice to see, fantastic mimicry.  Currant Clearwing is in the first pic.


Triaxomasia caprimulgella to LUN lure

 I put out the LUN lure today to attract Lunar Hornet Moth.

No luck so far but at about 17:15 when I was checking it a micro moth began circling the trap and and then went in.

Turned out to be Triaxomasia caprimulgella which is thought to feed on dead wood.

I suspect there are very few Worcestershire records but it is known to be attracted to the LUN lure and we are likely to get more records with increasing use of pheremone lures.

Triaxomasia caprimulgella

Triaxomasia caprimulgella

Pete Smith

Monday, 13 June 2022

First Moths in Old Colwall

I moved to Old Colwall over the Jubilee weekend and have been impressed with the moths compared to my Evesham garden.

I've had 3 Lifers and 3 firsts for my garden (across all gardens I've had)

Nematopogon metaxella was the first and there appears to be plenty which I see flying at dusk

Second was Argyresthia curvella

Then this evening I found a Lesser Wax Moth on the house wall, no photo yet as it's a wriggler

New garden records consist of Broken-barred Carpet, Brindled Plume which I'd only seen previously at FSC Slapton Ley and Dog's Tooth with my only other records being from France

Nematopogon metaxella

Argyresthia curvella

Broken-barred Carpet

Brindled Plume

Dog's Tooth

Very happy to find Lobster Moth in the trap

Alder Kitten

Coleophora mayrella