Monday, 31 July 2017

Great Farley Wood July 25th

On my second visit to this site I recorded 89 species, well down on the 161 species recorded in June despite conditions being very good. No great surprises or rarities and spotting micros amongst an estimated 250 Blastobasis adustella and 200 Agriphila straminella was difficult.
Of note were 6 Angle-striped Sallows, there is quite a lot of birch present, and just two micros were photographed, Epinotia solandriana and Morophaga choragella.
The M. choragella kept twitching as I attempted to photograph it and I suspected a parasite, possibly a mite irritating it. As I looked through my viewfinder a worm-like creature, semi transparent and reminiscent of a tiny elver, emerged from under one wing, briefly waving around before retreating back out of sight onto or into it's host, nice!
Patrick Clement
Morophaga choragella

Epinotia solandriana

Unusual Acleris variegana

Acleris variegana
Dave Smith brought this dead specimen to the July Kinver meeting and it had us all fooled until dissection revealed it's true identity to be just an unusual form of Acleris variegana.
Patrick Clement

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


A visit to Monkwood on Saturday night produced this White-line Snout, which I think is a second Worcestershire record following Olivers, Blackhouse Wood discovery last year. Also seen were Barred Rivulets and second brood Devon Carpets.
At home at Norchard, the migrants Dark Sword-grass and a Rusty-dot Pearl put in a first appearance for the year.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Least Carpet

I recorded my first Least Carpet here at Norchard on Tuesday night. I see that at least four were recorded in 2014 when it first appeared in Worcestershire, but I don't know if any have been seen since then?

Monday, 17 July 2017

Barred Rivulet

This one had me flummoxed for a moment when it came into the trap at Haugh Wood on Saturday evening.
Haugh Wood north: Barred Rivulet
Peter Hall

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Migrants in Bewdley

Last night, in addition to a fine Angle-striped Sallow, we had migrants in the form of a Rush Veneer and a Ni Moth. The latter is our second garden record after one in August 2011. Seems like the early Summer bonanza is thinning out now with lesser numbers of Uncertain, Dot etc-and many worn specimens in the trap. Fewer micros  but did catch abietella.

Bringsty Common July 13-14th

Despite the nights being on the cool side, I decided to run 1 trap in the garden to see what arrives.  I've also been looking at the buddleia and ragwort at night to see what is nectaring on them.  Waved Black was the most notable.  The catch on the night of the 13th was better than last nights and it included 2 Angle-striped Sallow moths, Garden Tiger, Brown-line Bright-eye, Satin Beauty and Bordered Pug.  These last 3 are new to the garden so the total creeps ever closer to 700 species.  Indication that Summer is almost over increase with records of Canary-shouldered Thorn and Rosy Rustic.  Common Rustic (aggregates until to look more closely) increase in number every night.  Migrant interest is still low with singleton Nomophila nocutella each night. Excluding some that I have kept for closer analysis, I recorded 63 macros and 29 micros on the 13th and 61 species of macro and 23 micro last night.  The best news was only 8 Large Yellow Underwing last night! Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Angle-striped Sallow

Bringsty Common: Brown-line Bright-eye

Bringsty Common: Bordered Pug

Bringsty Common: Agapeta zoegana

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Surprise in Colwall

A surprise in the garden trap in Colwall on Friday night - Brown-veined Wainscot, a first for me and for vc36. Have yet to find the nearest reedbed. Also a very dark form of Small Fan-footed wave which I haven't seen before. Good to see another Waved Black here  Phyl King
Brown-veined Wainscot

Small Fan-footed Wave

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Bringsty Common July 10th

I very nearly didn't put out a trap last night, and then when walking the dog just before midnight it was getting chilly with a bright moon, so I nearly switched it off.  However, this morning I was surprised at the number of species.  Not so many micros (13 species with about another 5 to add later) but 71 species of macro-moth.  Not too bad after all.  Included in the haul was my second Garden Tiger of the year, my second Suspected, my first Waved Black and first Oak Eggar of the year.  Rosy Footman and Muslin Footman put in appearances and I'm pleased to see Heart & Dart and Large Yellow Underwing numbers in decline.  Uncertain and Rustic numbers now on a par as Rustic builds up and Uncertain declines.  Commonest moth was the Common Footman (23 individuals) for macros and Chrysoteuchia culmella (also 23) for micros.  I shall go out this evening (as you do) and check my ragwort and buddleias for good migrants.  The trap recorded 2 Silver Y only last night. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Garden Tiger

Bringsty Common: Waved Black

Bringsty Common: Oak Eggar

Bringsty Common: Suspected

Small Marbled at Halesowen

Small Marbled
Andrew Barker was walking round his Halesowen garden by torchlight in the early hours of yesterday morning (as you do?), when he spotted a Small Marbled at rest on Ragwort.
I believe this is the 5th record for Worcestershire, with the previous records all from 2011.

Patrick Clement

Monday, 10 July 2017

Garden surprises

Last night the garden trap was particularly busy with two new macros, both completely unexpected-Latticed Heath and Campion. Supporting cast included Double Lobed, Dark Dagger, Phoenix, Currant Pug, Scalloped Hook Tip and Round Winged Muslin. Micros were not so prevalent as in previous nights but still included our third Luquitia lobella and a very fresh pallidata.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Haugh Wood July 5th

A warm and humid night, but with a bright moon.  19 degrees at switch on and 16 and switch off some three and a bit hours later. I trapped in my usual spot for 2017 and so far have a total of 99 macro-species and 54 micro-moth species.  It wasn't really busy but more like "steady" and I did expect more activity because of the conditions.  The moon was behind the trees for most of the nights trapping.  Plenty of interest as usual at this excellent site including White-line Snout, Brussels Lace, Clouded Magpie, Double Lobed, Pinion-streaked Snout, Round-winged Muslin, lots of Rosy Footman, and Cloaked Carpet.  Nothing too exciting in the micros as yet, but there are a number to id later in the year.  One of my indicator species for late Summer appeared  - Dun-bar - so that was a sad moment! Peter Hall
Haugh Wood: Brussels Lace

Haugh Wood: Cloaked Carpet

Haugh Wood: Double Lobed

Haugh Wood: Rosy Footman

Haugh Wood: Muslin Footman

Haugh Wood: White-line Snout

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Box Tree Moth

Hi. Thanks for letting me join the group.
I found this Box Tree Moth in the trap in Malvern, Worcestershire yesterday morning. I read that it is a pest and spreading from the South-East, so I was wondering whether it is common in Herefordshire/Worcestershire  now? Nicky Rowberry

Monday, 3 July 2017

South Herefordshire migrants


Trapped down in Whitchurch at the weekend. Lots of new for year, Clouded Magpie, Cloaked Carpet, Beautiful Snout etc, but on Friday night I picked out a Ni Moth. It was handy that I'd seen Robin's the evening before as I knew what to look for. On Saturday night The streak continued when I found a Small Marbled on the trap side!

Ni Moth, Whitchurch 30/6/17

Small Marbled, Whitchurch 1/7/17

Bohemannia quadrimaculella

It seems that I am doing well with sweep-netting Alder's at the moment. Found on the same tree as yesterday's Stathmopoda pedella at Wofferwood Common.

ID confirmed by Erik van Nieukerken.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Stathmopoda pedella

An unexpected find while sweep-netting Alders at Wofferwood Common today. A first for me and probably 2nd record for Herefordshire.

Stathmopoda pedella

Bringsty Common July 1st

In amongst the 69 macro-moth and 23 micro-moth species recorded last night, there was one Small Mottled Willow and one Udea ferrugalisPeter Hall