Records: Keeping and submitting

You will find details in the Useful Links section on who is your local County Moth Recorders list (CMR). It is important that you send in regularly, accurate lists of your records to the relevant CMR. An Excel spreadsheet is a good way to do this.

Information that is vital includes: Species name, location as a 6 or 8 figure grid reference, a site name and date found. Additionally if you know the quantity add this information too. How did you come by the moth or moths?  So include the Method (MV Light, Attracted to a lighted window, field record and so on). Was it an adult, maybe a caterpillar? Your name is also needed and if anyone else determined it (like if you posted the moth on this blog for identification purposes) then the Determiners name also. You can include any other relevant information too if you like, the CMR will filter it down.

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  1. Found a Camo Moth American migrant in my shop is it usual, should I keep or release? Looks like mini cross of Vulcn & Stealth Bomber colour is brown &green camoflage pattern. Posted Thurs 18th June 17.10


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