Saturday, 2 May 2015

May Stats Update

Whilst we all shiver in the cold...and wait for the rain, I thought it may be of interest to give a very brief overview of how the group is going.

Last month we had 1729 views and at the moment we are getting around 70 +/- views per day. Our audience has expanded, and this is the bit I always find amazing. We have had views from the USA, Ireland, Belarus, China, France, Malta, Poland and Ukraine. A bit of a global expansion since my last update.

"Membership" now stands at 16 and I'm sure this will steadily increase as the season progresses.

And for those local folk looking at the Blog but yet to join, please click on Getting Started and I'll mail you an invite. Peter Hall


  1. Nice to see your local group doing well, Pete, and good to compare with the UTB group. About time this weather perked up.

    1. Thanks Dave, hope to see you on one of the forays east this summer


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