Thursday, 25 October 2018

Continuing northward range extension

A late posting of an L-album Wainscot that came to light near Pershore on the evening of 8th October - apparently a first for the County. I believe there have been two or three records in Gloucestershire in the last year or two, so perhaps an expected new arrival. A record shot included though not a co-operative individual as far as photography was concerned !

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Palpita vitrealis

I was pleased to record this Palpita vitrealis this morning in the garden at Norchard, Worcs. It is my first home record of this species. Two Silver Y were the only other obvious migrant species. Some double brood moths
included, Blood-vein, Treble Brown Spot, Willow Beauty, Acrobasis consociella, and Lozotaeniodes formosana.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Blue is the Colour

A nice surprise this morning sitting by my trap in Dorstone.  The last ime I saw one of these was back in 1952 in Ham Street in Kent.  Ray Birchenough
Dorstone: Clifden Nonpareil (Blue Underwing)

Bringsty Common update

I've had 2 Riband Wave come to the garden trap this week.  Mike's record as well. Seems a bit unusual.  Last night I had what looks like a Common Footman also come to light, but I'll double check that one. The November group are just emerging, with 1 last night, and I'll look at its octavals a bit later today (update: a November moth) and a 3 hour trapping session last night at Wigmore Rolls was far more productive for this group, with well over 50 coming to the 2 lights...but not a lot else. 20 species of macro last night here at Bringsty and 9 micro species which is probably as good as you could hope for at this time of year. Nicest moth (well before a hornet munched it) was a Figure of 8. Compare that to Wigmore with just 10 species of macro and 1 micro.  Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Riband Wave

Wigmore Rolls: Figure of 8

Friday, 5 October 2018

Riband Wave

This unusual form of Riband Wave came to actinic light last night, here at Norchard, Worcs.
Black Rustic has had a good year here peaking at 71 on the 18th of September, and remaining in high numbers since.
A bit premature there, as I have just counted 123 Black Rustic from last night the 5th of October from one Robinson trap.
The first Yellow-line Quakers arrived, and some late moths included, Bordered Pug, Mother of Pearl, Carcina quercana, Heart and Dart, and Mottled Rustic.