Sunday, 10 May 2015

Bringsty Common May 9th

As Pete in the previous post states, it was single digits last night - the weather station showed 8.3 at dusk going doing to 5.0 shortly before dawn. Tempted by the warm earlier part of the evening, I set up the trap in the garden again. Nearly didn't switch it on in the end, but a total of 51 moths of 23 species, wasn't so bad and included the dark form of Brindled Beauty and also the first Silver Cloud of the season. I've always only had singleton Spectacle moths in the past (almost without exception), so catching 3 last night was a surprise. Like others, yet more Chocolate-tip and Muslin too. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Brindled Beauty ab nigra

Bringsty Common: Powdered Quaker

Bringsty Common: Silver Cloud


  1. I like the Dark form Brindled Beauty. Didn't even know they existed. Would have had me totally confused.


  2. Nice specimen indeed, Pete - never seen the dark form myself, also never seen Silver cloud, although not likely to in Bucks, i suppose. My best catch last night was a female Fox moth in Oakley woods - a first for me in Bucks.

  3. The night of the 10th fared much better, despite the stiff chilly breeze, the minimum here dropped only to 10.8 degrees. Ironically the highest count was the stalwart Clouded Drab on 10, but the species tally got up to 34 species from 73 individuals. Lots nfy this time, Buff and White ermine, Bright-line brown-eye, Grey Birch, Clouded Silver and Buff-tip all in the pack.


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