Thursday, 28 May 2015

Cauchas fibulella

Throck: Cauchas fibulella

Inspired by tales of this moth being seen in Dorset and Essex/Herts in recent days I went on a wild hunch to a mature calcareous cutting in SE Worcs which is home to a Grizzled Skipper colony and has a track record for some scarce grassland/scrub mosaic day-flying micros. I could not believe my luck when I had seen 4 moths in the first 30 minutes of looking. Also seen was a Nemophora degeerella, Endothenia marginana, Endothenia gentianaeana, Grapholita compositella, Grapholita jungiella, 2 Lathronympha strigana, 2 Cocksfoot Moths, a Nettle-tap and a Brimstone butterfly. Cauchas fibulella there is a new site for the county and plenty of Speedwell scattered about for it to thrive on. Steve Whitehouse

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