Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Upper Thames Moth Atlas

 This became visible on-line a couple of days ago. Still just macro-moths, they hope micros will follow fairly soon. You'll see the similarity to our West Midlands site, in fact they were so impressed with our atlas, they wanted one. Well worth a look and you can also help them by uploading some nice quality images too. I'll add it ot the useful links part on our blog opening page. https://upperthamesmoths.co.uk/index.php Peter Hall

Sunday, 13 March 2022

Pammene giganteana

 4 individuals of Pammene giganteana to Grapholita funebrana pheromone lure here in my Halesowen garden, over the last 48 hours. All rather sombre looking specimens with a less distinct dorsal 'horse shoe' compared to some examples I have seen.

Patrick Clement

P.S.    Typically, as soon as I say all the specimens here are poorly marked, I take a brighter one.