Friday, 15 May 2015

Halesowen, Wed 13th.

It's lean pickings here at the moment, just six species in the trap on Wednesday night, including two Prays ruficeps.

Also netted my first Gracillaria syringella of the year in the afternoon sunshine. Patrick Clement

Prays ruficeps

Gracillaria syringella


  1. Apart from possibly this evening, the weather doesn't look any better ahead either Patrick. My garden micro catches are almost restricted to Epinotia immundana. If you have the time, it would help to make preps of the ruficeps. Myself and 2 others are busy trying to spot reliable differences in the preps between ruficeps and fraxinella and I'd welcome your input if you want to join in. I can tell you more off group if its of any interest..

  2. Peter, I'll do that with any more I catch but I'm afraid those two were released yesterday.


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