Tuesday, 27 August 2019

These past few days

It's definitely the late Summer lull period now and my traps have been dominated by Large Yellow Underwing and Square-spot Rustic. And catches each day slowly diminish in species numbers. Going back to the garden (Bringsty Common) on the 24th, another Angle-striped Sallow. Then on the 25th, amazingly, my very first Agriphila geniculea. I have no idea why this common moth has avoided Bringsty Common for so long. Bringsty is not known for its migrant activity, but 2 Dark-sword Grass on the 25th. A 3 hour session at Wigmore Rolls on the 24th was good for Barred Chestnut and this is probably the only known site in Herefordshire (I have to re-check some records in the database). 37 came to my 2 Robinsons. Nothing else unusual. Haugh Wood last night (26th) produced about a dozen Oak Lutestring and what may turn out to be the first county record of Cypress Pug. Udea ferrugalis appeared at Haugh and also at home on the same night along with a singleton Nomophila noctuella. There was also the latest ever Elephant Hawk-moth on the 24th (Bringsty), I don't think it is a second brooder as it was very tatty. A first second brood Poplar Hawk-moth last night. Peter Hall
Wigmore Rolls: Barred Chestnut

Haugh Wood: Oak Lutestring

Haugh Wood: Cypress Pug

Haugh Wood: Centre-barred Sallow

Haugh Wood: Barred Hook-tip

Monday, 26 August 2019

Dodford moths

The seasonal lull is upon us and the traps seem to be full of brown stuff and grass moths and nothing much new so it was nice to get a few new species for the garden over the last few weeks.

Duponchelia fovealis

An Adventive / possible migrant. Probably imported on plants to garden centres. A bit worn but fortunately pictured in Manley because I hadn't got a clue what it was apart from a Pyralid.

Hemp Agrimony Plume

I have been establishing some Hemp Agrimony plants for the last 3 Years or so and I was aware that there was a Hemp Agrimony Plume so it was something I was hopeful of getting eventually. What was most surprising was how small it was. All the plumes I have ever seen are roughly the size of Common Plume. This was tiny in comparison.


Another new moth for me. The larval foodplant is Field Maple and I have 9 or 10 Mature Field Maple so is it a possible resident or has it blown in from somewhere? I've been here 5 years and trapped very regularly over that period but who knows. I'll certainly be keeping a look out for more, especially as I very nearly overlooked it in the trap amongst a whole load of Riband Wave, Mother of Pearl, Brimstone and Yellow Shell. I know, they are nothing like but it was very early and at a funny angle...yeah maybe I need to go to specsavers.

Pete Smith

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Norchard Mothing, Worcs

Sadly no Bedstraw Hawk-moths here, despite considerable effort. A few recent migrant/wanderers have included a worn Oak Processionary on 26/07, a Vestal 12/08. Two Rusty-dot Pearls, and my first Rush Veneer of the year arrived last night, along with Agrophila latistria, and a Cypress Pug.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Bedstraw Hawk-moth

Thrilled to get a Bedstraw Hawk-moth in the trap this morning in Malvern.