Sunday, 24 May 2015

B&B No Vacancies May 22nd

Bringsty Common: Ensuring Adequate Numbers for 2016
My friend Dr Marc Botham visited on Friday, so I organised permission for him to join me at Brockhampton Estate for the evening. We ran 5 traps - 4 mv and one actinic in both Holy and Hyde Dingles. Not a bad night I think, with 521 moths recorded of 64 species with about another 10 micros to id later on. Of special interest were the shear numbers of Orange Footman moths seen. 143 counted. One trap in particular had around 20 per egg box. Also nice to see were Blomer's Rivulet (11) just emerging along with Rivulet (8). We also trapped a single Barred Umber.

Brockhampton: Blomer's Rivulet
Brockhampton: Dingy Shell
Meanwhile back at the ranch, we ran two traps in my garden on Bringsty Common. I'm beginning to think I have moved to quite a hot spot for moths. 309 moths of 73 species with another dozen micros to id later. Chocolate-tip and Muslin continue to put in appearances. We had 3 Alder Kitten and 2 Silver Cloud. Lots of NFY's including Broom, Cream Wave, Ruby Tiger, Shoulder-striped Wainscot, Miller and Dingy Shell. Last night I added another 7 species to that total, although micros were back in short supply.

Bringsty Common: Broom
Bringsty Common: Unusual Small Phoenix
Marc was moaning about the dearth of moths back home, he went away very happy. Peter Hall 


  1. Amazing counts Peter, you hardly need to leave home at the moment.

    I like the paintwork on the new Small Phoenix!

  2. Sounds like you've moved to the right part of the country for a nice variety - some impressive species you've got on your doorstep!

  3. I ran a light in my back garden in SE Bucks on the 22nd, as well: 26 moths of 12 species. Compare and contrast!
    Andy King.


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