Monday, 4 May 2015

Bringsty Common May 2nd and 3rd

After the very chilly nights recently, it was nice to set up the moth trap again. Catches were rather disappointing with Saturday night only 10 species and 24 moths whilst last night it was 19 species and 38 moths. Tonight should be ok up until around midnight if the fickle forecast is any good. Lots of new for year (and new for the site in my case): Seraphim, Sallow Kitten (a female currently laying eggs), Pale Tussock, White Pinion-spotted, Coxcomb Prominent, Red Twin-spot Carpet, May Highflyer and Poplar and Lime Hawks.
Bringsty Common: Lime Hawk

Bringsty Common: White Pinion-spotted

Bringsty Common: May Highflyer

Bringsty Common: Poplar Hawk
Attempts at assembling male Emperors to the garden were unsuccessful, despite hanging up 30 virgin females in a large netted cage. I thought the combined pheromone release would reach Orkney. The next generation are just hatching and my conservatory is alive with little black hairy caterpillars which I'm desperately trying to pooter up and put into a very large cage. Peter Hall


  1. Your garden list is growing daily ---

  2. Just updated the garden records, and the species count stands at 78. Last year at Little Cowarne I managed just over 400, I'm hoping to better that with luck. Glad you changed your profile image at last!


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