Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Dodford Garden - 10th & 11th May

The last two nights the temperature has stayed in double figures (just) and has been overcast. The only downside has been the wind but it has eased off some after dark.

The result being that some variety has been injected into the moth trap with 12 new for year including Small Phoenix, Peppered Moth, V-Pug, Heart and Dart. Rustic Shoulder Knot and Seraphim.

Like everyone else I have also been getting Chocolate tip.

It is May so the Cockchafer invasion has also begun, but 5 in one trap isn't too bad. Lets hope it stays at that sort of level.


But the undoubted star of the show was Puss Moth this morning. A first for me and a beautiful moth in pristine condition
Puss Moth

Pete Smith


  1. Had over fifty cockchafers here at Norchard last night in two garden traps, 41 in the Robinson and 12 in the Heath. Hoping that is the peak of the emergence. Not too many moths.
    Cheers Mike

  2. OH MY GOD, Mike, I've had 20 odd in the past and that is enough. And they make such a lot of noise clattering into everything. Having said that, I would be disappointed if I never got any more they are such a signal that spring is well and truly happening.

  3. You should read Dave Wiltons last post on the Upper Thames moth blog, he recorded 432, which would be from 3 traps.


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