Friday, 27 May 2022

Another garden White-point

Was very happy to find this nice White-point in the garden trap this morning, it was found in my new KULA (Cooler) trap, created by a Warks moth-er Robert Cox.  It was designed to keepoths calm during the day if pushed for time. It's a cool box with cold plates placed in the lid.  I have a Robinson style where Bob has one that can be used as a Skinner or Robinson 

Friday, 20 May 2022

This weeks highlights

 A couple of nice species in the last week. Firstly on the 14/5 I trapped 55 species in Whitchurch, lower Wye Valley, the highlight of which was a Lead Belle. I have found this before in May, in the Forest of Dean, which is nextdoor, but a site first nonetheless. Last night 19/5 Bordered Straw to actinic in Hereford. Also a couple of examples of what looks like Platyedra subcinerea, which I recorded in Hereford last May (gen det). If there is a colony here it's a long way from any others, distribution is mainly south counties and the SE.


Lead Belle

Bordered Straw

Platyedra subcinerea

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Buttoned Snout

Was surprised on the evening of 2nd May to find a Buttoned Snout in my Evesham trap, took my a few minutes to workout what it was through the perspex, larger than I expected

Nice moth to get before I move to Colwall, Malvern at the end of the month