Saturday, 21 May 2016

They're here...

Certain moth species, at least to me, are indicators of the progression of the season. The first Dun-bar always tells me it's now getting close too the late summer lull, Centre-barred Sallow that Autumn is now close. Another is Heart & Dart which beckons the start of the warmer period. I had my first today in the trap in the garden, which I ran despite the wind and rain (probably because I'm just back from trapping in Wales, where they think it's good weather). 23 species including 2 micros for a change, but little to excite. Also had more of the notable b beetle Ancistronycha abdominalis (Blue Soldier-beetle) and that regular sexton beetle Nicrophorus humator. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Heart & Dart

Bringsty Common: Nicrophorus humator

Bringsty Common: Blue Soldier-beetle

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