Thursday, 26 May 2016

Pleurota bicostella

Neofaculta ericitella
Pleurota bicostella
I visited Kinver a couple of days ago including an area of heather at Kingsford Country Park which is in VC37. I netted several common heathland/grassland species but Pleurota bicostella were plentiful - I caught about six but I'm sure there were many more. I have just got around to checking the distribution of this species and, according to my Mapmate database it is a new record for the county?

Glyphipterix fuscoviridella
Cydia ulicetana


  1. Great find Patrick, and superbly photographed as always.
    I have no records of this either, so unless Tony has been keeping it secret it will be new for VC37. Good to 'break the duck' after adding no new species to the county list last year!

    1. Thanks Oliver. Not sure if it has been recorded recently at nearby Kinver Edge (VC39), there are old records from 1950's, it must be there too.


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