Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Far from Pauper at Hallow

I was at Hallow on Sunday afternoon targeting day-flying moths in the rough grassland that surrounds the sewage plant. Three hours of searching rewarded me with 33 species - 29 of which were micro moths. After a bit of a delayed emergence, it was nice to find most of the 'regulars' on the wing, as well as a couple of less often encountered species. A small colony of Dichrorampha sequana was present among swarms of less easily identifiable Dichrorampha, whilst sweeping the patches of Germander Speedwell produced Cauchas fibulella, Glyphipterix fuscoviridella and Micropterix aruncella.

Before leaving, I decided to have a quick search around the old oaks at Hallow church - a single Phyllonorycter muelleriella found its way into the net as did my first Pseudargyrotoza conwagana of the year. Perhaps the most interesting find was this Pauper Pug which I disturbed from oak whilst searching for P. muelleriella. It is on its way to Patrick (via Steve) for dissection, but if confirmed I'm guessing this is yet another new site for this species, and possibly the closest to Worcester yet?

Pauper Pug

Dichrorampha sequana

Micropterix aruncella

Phyllonorycter muelleriella

Notocelia uddmanniana on Bramble

Nematopogon (probably!) schwarziellus

Pammene rhediella


  1. Some nice finds. SO85 will be a new square for Pauper Pug. The nearest records would be Tony's from Bransford and Shrawley Wood where it was first found in the county in 2000. It has been turning up more and more frequently in quite widely separated sites since then.

  2. A very productive session, nice post and images. I hope Steve is bringing a couple of Dichroramphas (they must be seriously under recorded).

  3. Thanks guys, cheers for the info Oliver. I think Steve collected a couple of well marked Dichroramphas - wouldn't be surprised if there were two or three species flying at the site.

  4. Pauper Pug confirmed by dissection (male) 13/6/16.


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