Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May 30th Bringsty and Brockhampton

I made a second attempt to trap on the Brockhampton Estate last night (after the first attempt a few days ago was thwarted by a new security gate!). I went to Hyde Dingle this time which has plenty of small Wych Elms along the stream side and ran 2 Robinsons. It was pretty quiet and my usual 3 hour stint resulted in 40 macro species and 5 micro species. I was glad to take a book to read during the many quiet moments. Top of the list with 34 individuals was Orange Footman.
Brockhampton Estate: Orange Footman

 Next most numerous was Blomer's Rivulet (15)
Brockhampton Estate: Blomer's Rivulet
Otherwise little to excite.

Back in the garden with a single Robinson, there was 33 macro species and just 3 micros and I suspect the steadily increasing wind played a part here. This time of year with many moths having just emerged and are very pristine in appearance always delights and the first Small Elephant-hawk of the year was no exception. I still managed to record a single Hebrew Character, which must be the last sighting of the year I would think. Most numerous was Brown Silver-line at 11 followed by Treble Lines at just 9.
Bringsty Common: Small Elephant-hawk

Finally Harts-tongue fern fronds that  I collected on the Brockhampton Estate back in mid-May when looking for evidence of Psychoides minings, has produced the first adult today and it is verhuella.

Brockhampton Estate: Psychoides verhuella
Peter Hall


  1. Nobody seems to contact key-holders when padlocks or security gates are changed. It's happened to me too.

  2. In the end I was probably lucky as that evening the heavens opened about an hour after sunset. Robin was going to join then changed his mind (maybe he knew already!!). I have a new site to try out on the Estate, it involves two locked gates. I'm not confident.


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