Saturday, 7 May 2016


My captive bred Emperors are just emerging at long last. This year I kept them in the garage in the cool so they wouldn't be tempted out too early. Last year trying to assemble males was unsuccessful, but it was almost a month earlier. Predominantly females hatching at the moment. 12 versus 5 males and I see I have 2 more (males) just hatching. Males are kept separate and the females are hanging up outside emitting their pheromones right now. Fingers crossed.

Bringsty Common: Emperor male
Bringsty Common: Assembly cage
Bringsty Common: Emperor female doing its stuff

Update! At 1.50pm a male arrived and flew around the netted cage. I netted the moth and put it inside the cage, where, after some minutes it coupled. This is the first record for Bringsty Common. Peter Hall

Bringsty Common: Tame meets wild

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