Sunday, 29 May 2016

Kinver Edge 29th May

After discovering Pleurota bicostella at Kingsford on the 24th May, Sam and I visited Kinver Edge this evening to check for it on the heath there, the two sites are very close together but Kingsford is Worcs while Kinver Edge is Staffs. No luck with that species, perhaps because the heather is less luxuriant at Kinver than it is at Kingsford, but I did see my first Yellow-legged Clearwing of the year. I didn't want to take it from site so no photograph.

Patrick Clement


  1. I was telling Tony about your find at Kingsford when I saw him on Saturday and he said he thought there might be old records from Kinver. Looking now at the rather out of date Staffs. records I have on MM. there is one from 1959 by Carlier.

    1. Yes, I had seen that record and given the close proximity of the two sites I was confident we would find the moth at Kinver, but no. Incidentally, a second visit to Kingsford with Steve on the 27th produced a dozen Pleurota bicostella in about 20 minutes.

    2. Clearly a good colony at Kingsford then. Odd that we have never recorded it at Hartlebury or Devil's.


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