Sunday, 26 July 2015

Upton Warren

A return visit to the Moors Pool reedbeds (after several years for me) saw most of the 'sought-after macros' but slightly disappointing for micros last Tuesday night in reasonable overcast, humid conditions. 2 Double Lobed, 6 Brown-veined Wainscots, 3 Silky Wainscots, 2+ Southern Wainscots, Obscure Wainscot, 2 Crescents, Waved Black, Large Twin-spot Carpet, Pinion-streaked Snout, Round-winged Muslin, 3 Aroga velocellas and 4+ Mompha ochraceelas the pick of 96 species. Steve Whitehouse
Upton Warren: Brown-veined Wainscot

Upton Warren: Crescent

Upton Warren: Double Lobed

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