Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hurcott, Wed 1st July

An interesting night at Hurcott where the temperature was still 19.5° at 2.00 a.m. We were plagued by flies, unsurprisingly, the closer to the water the worse it was, but a very good haul of micros - can't make my mind up if that was due to the excellent weather conditions or the site, maybe both. Just a taste below.

A visit by four police officers, following reports of 'bright lights and strange goings on' was added interest, my third such 'brush with the law' when out moth-ing. Aren't they young these days, thought they were school kids on works experience. I'm not getting old am I?   Patrick Clement

Bucculatrix cidarella

Pammene regiana

Monopis obviella

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  1. I've also had similar brushes with the law, usually UFO sightings being reported. My best was at a reserve near Chequers when I was stopped by 2 army guys with assault rifles around 2am, with red lasers pointing directly at the heart. Quite effective in the pitch darkness, I can tell you.


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