Sunday, 19 July 2015

Childswickham garden 16/7/15

Trapping on the night of the 16th I ended up with a very respectable 120 species.
Around 45 of these were micros. There was one migrant of note - Small Mottled Willow. Clay Triple Lines was an unexpected find and a very fresh Recurvaria leucatella was worth a photo.
Small Mottled Willow
Recurvaria leucatella

A week or so ago I found an intriguing folded Honeysuckle leaf which held a small tortrix larva. This emerged the other day as Acleris Forsskaleana. The food plant is usually Acer family trees so I imagine this one was blown or knocked off a nearby maple and ended up pupating where it landed in the Honeysuckle.
Acleris forsskaleana

Oliver Wadsworth

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  1. What a good photo of forsskaleana. That's a good tally of moths Oliver.


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