Thursday, 2 July 2015

Box Worm in Childswickham

The night of the 29th broke all my garden records - I am on C130 sp. with a few still to determine.
The main excitement was this fine moth - 1409a Cydalima perspectalis - the Asian Box Worm moth. A shame it is such a pest of Box trees.
New to Britain in 2008 but it is now turning up more regularly. Mine is, I think, the 4th for Gloucestershire. It has not yet been seen in Worcestershire.
Oliver Wadsworth.


  1. It's been an amazing few days Oliver. Tomorrow night seems to be deteriorating each time I check on the BBC weather. Perspectalis appeared in Bucks in 2010 - 8 records since then and although they are all in the south of the county, two that I was involved with were caught well away from Box. And as I don't have any Box, I hope it thrives.

  2. A great-looking moth, Peter, but I'm not sure it'll turn out to be good news in the end.
    Andy King.


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