Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Haugh Wood July 20th

I joined up with Robin Hemming and together we ran 5 mv lights at Haugh Wood, in the lower sections away from the persistent breeze. Robin stayed all night and these results are from when I packed up and from my 2 white Robinsons only. I still have minors to do, but macros came to a nice 72 species including plenty of Rosy Footman (18) along with my first Least Yellow Underwing of the year, Minor Shoulder-knot (3), Barred Rivulet (2), Muslin Footman (3) and a new one for me: White-line Snout (2). Micros recorded so far come to 37 species with around another 15 to add later. It wasn't a busy night, but the moths came in steadily, tailing off around 1am when I began to pack up. Hornet workers are out now, so that provided some entertainment. Peter Hall
Haugh Wood: Barred Rivulet

Haugh Wood: Muslin Footman

Haugh Wood: Small Emerald

Haugh Wood: White-line Snout (in a dirty tube)

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