Thursday, 2 July 2015

Bringsty Common update

Bringsty Common: Sycamore
I ran 3 mv lights in the garden last night for a change and lit up the common. Well I think the moon may have done that anyway. I'm sure it reduced the catch considerably. I ran it like I was out and about, monitoring continuously then going through and packing up around 01.30 rather than leave running all night. Mainly for the purpose of catching more of the micros, which have usually flown off come morning-time (at least by the time I get up). By the time I finished packing up it was starting to get light in the East anyway.

I can't believe I'm still counting (thanks Mister Wilton), but the tally came to 1075 moths, of 150 species split 54 micros and 96 macros, with some Pugs still to id and a range of micros, mainly Coleophorids and Cnephasia's. Despite the good numbers, nothing to excite much, but it was good to see a Sycamore for the second night running. Triple-spotted Clays continue to do well and a rarity - a Small Dusty Wave at the mv light rather than the house window. Peter Hall

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