Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Garden mothing

Just thought I'd publish my moth species for this year. Normally I would expect to record 300 species of macros and 200 of micros every year. So far in 2015, I have recorded 232 species of macro and 154 species of micro. How is everyone else doing? Over the last couple of years, numbers and species lists have been below average.
Over the weekend of 17th-19th July, I had about 120 species in the garden, NFY were White-line Dart, Waved Black, Shark, Sallow Kitten, Drinker and Oak Eggar, plus lutealis, lunaris, hellerella, Honeysuckle, Gold Triangle, falsella and roborana. Other notable records were Coronet, 2 Varied Coronet, Sycamore, Barred Straw, Small Emerald, Dwarf Cream Wave, Gothic, Rush Veneer and suavella.
Ian Machin

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  1. Hi Ian, I think that's still pretty good going. As of yesterday, my garden count stood at 238 macros and 113 micros (with quite a lot to id later in the year). The number of good nights has been extremely low over the course of the year, but on the occasions when it stayed warm, the trap (or traps) was (were) very busy. I think the moths are still out there in numbers, we just need the weather to oblige...and now we head into another cold series of nights after this evening.


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