Sunday, 26 July 2015

Tiger time

Better late than never to the party, hi everyone.

 Last Saturday I discovered a Scarlet Tiger feasting on the underside of one of my Buddleia flowers. This was the first I have ever recorded in my garden or my surrounding  local patch, rather pleased.

In the trap this morning (MV ) I had 75 moths of 23 species. Quality was high though with my first ever Ruby Tiger, a species I was really keen to record.

The second macro lifer out the trap was White Satin.

 In August 2013 I recorded Waved Black, and the second record was lurking this morning.

On the Micro front, I recorded  Lozotaeniodes formosana, like many micros, previously unknown to me. Unfortunately it legged it this afternoon as I tried to snap it and is currently at large in the house somewhere, a pretty moth though.
A nice list boosting session

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