Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Busy, busy at Haugh Wood

I think we've all been excited about this brief warm spell and with temperatures forecast to drop no lower than 20, and with Robin elsewhere, I ran 2 mv lights at Haugh last night. I chose a slightly different location to where we've been trapping this season mainly due to the moon and breeze. When I began packing up at 01.30, it was still 18, so warm enough to get most things that can fly, to get airborne. 87 species of macro (with Pugs and Minors to add on later), with Light Emerald topping the frequency at 86 individuals, of varying sizes and colour, closely followed by Small Yellow Wave at 79. It was busy and micros in abundance for a nice change, currently at 36 species but with quite a lot to id later in the year. Of particular interest for me at least was a single Poplar Lutestring, Rosy Footman just beginning to emerge (3) and the most Red-necked Footman moths in a single night at 5...busy wandering around aimlessly as they do. Peter Hall
Haugh Wood: Alabonia geoffrella

Haugh Wood: Rosy Footman

Haugh Wood: Tortrix viridana

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