Friday, 8 July 2016

Moths from the Far East (well Bringsty Common)

I think last night was the first night with reasonable numbers for the year. In total I caught 465 moths with the split being 66 macro species (271 moths) and so far 25 micros (194 moths) with a good half dozen or so micros still to id (plus Minor aggs). So with luck I will break the hundred barrier for the first time this year. I'm still getting good numbers of Triple-spotted Clay (4) and so far all of my Burnished Brass have been either without the band linking the 2 metallic strips or at best a very narrow one, meaning they are all chrysitis rather than the new stenochrysis, which is supposedly in the UK. Most of the Golden Y's here have been Beautiful, rather than Plain, but I recorded my second Plain of the year last night and it helpfully sat next to a Beautiful, so I've uploaded it as a comparison, which may help people. Topping the numbers game was again Chrysoteuchia culmella at 74, followed by Eudonia (Dipleurina) lacustrata with 23. Lower numbers of Heart & Dart (16) and Large Yellow Underwings (16) for a nice change, with the most abundant macro being the Uncertain (21) and my first Rustics appeared last night also (2). Nice records (for me at least) was my first Suspected (1) of the season and another Minor Shoulder-knot (1). I find Yellow Shells will start coming to light around now (although they have been out and about for quite a while) and caught my first in the moth trap last night. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Burnished Brass

Bringsty Common: Minor Shoulder-knot

Bringsty Common: Mottled Rustic

Bringsty Common: Triple-spotted Clay

Bringsty Common: Beautiful Golden Y (left), Plain Golden Y (right)

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  1. Nice catch, never seen Minor Shoulder-knot, although it looks like the sort of moth I could miss on a busy night.......
    Same with Triple-spotted Clay, though I often try and convince myself, they are always Double Square-spot.


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