Sunday, 10 July 2016

Black Meadow, Chaddesley, 6th July

A visit proposed by Steve to target Epinotia signatana, a species previously recorded from the site but one we had not seen. Netting at dusk produced a bonus in the form of Argyresthia ivella and several Yarrow Plumes, Gillmeria pallidactyla. We ran just one trap each, positioned by the stands of blackthorn at the edge of the meadow, and recorded a good selection of moths totalling around 90 species in a couple of hours. Mission was accomplished with 5 individuals of the target species, plus Monochroa lutulentella, Apotomis capreana, Ypsolopha nemorella. Macros included several Blacknecks, 2 Rufous Minor.
Patrick Clement & Steve Whitehouse
Argyresthia ivella

Monochroa lutulentella

Yarrow Plume, Gillmeria pallidactyla

Epinotia signatana

Black Meadow


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