Saturday, 2 July 2016

Bringsty June 30th

Whilst we wait for summer to arrive - presumably around November time if it's like last year - June 30th proved to be a slightly milder night of late (minimum 13) and despite the rain preceding the evening...and during the early part of the night, the trap catch in the garden was better than expected. Contrast that with last night when the temperature quickly dropped again to 8 degrees. Unlike Oliver, I have been far less adventurous and as such far less of interest to post, but I did get a very nice Phoenix come to the light. Also my first non standard Peppered of the year, this time the intermediate form "insularia". Pinion-streaked Snout and Minor Shoulder-knot also arrived. Topping the bill was Chrysoteuchia culmella at 76 individuals with Flame next on just 15. Totals: Macros 142 moths of 42 species. Micros 108 moths of 21 species. Still poor for the time of year. Only 1 Plutella xylostella although I did disturb 2 in the garden during the day. The weather shows little sign of improving either. Anyone know a good anti-depressant!  Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Phoenix

Bringsty Common:Peppered (f. insularia)

Bringsty Common:Elophila nymphaeata

Bringsty Common:Buff Arches

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