Saturday, 9 July 2016

Brockhampton Estate

As the night was forecast to be mild, dry but breezy I decided to venture over the road onto the Brockhampton Estate, trapping in my usual spot near to Holy Dingle. It certainly didn't feel especially busy and I managed about 6 chapters of my book during quieter times. However, the end tally surprised me as I recorded 73 macro species (317 moths) and to date 37 micro species (215 moths) with quite a lot to id later on. Of interest to me were Blomer's Rivulet of course (14), lots of Barred Red (14), my first Slender brindle of the year (although there was another in the garden trap this morning), Satin Beauty (1), White Satin (1) and just a solitary Triple-spotted Clay (compare that to the garden last night where I had 6). Just looking at the penultimate egg tray and underneath was a pleasant surprise. It was a Ruddy Carpet. After John's excellent posting, this was really nice. About to pot it for a photo, a Large Yellow Underwing collided with it as only they can and off it went into the ether. I stayed an extra half hour just in case it returned and was rewarded with it flying back in just as I was giving up hope. Peter Hall
Brockhampton Estate: Ruddy Carpet


  1. Excellent. I think we have all been there with that 'special' moth evading the pot - well worth waiting for it's return.

  2. Ruddy Hell!! Very nice individual Peter. Is it a regular there?

  3. No it's not, this is the first I've encountered there and now in my third season of trapping. There was a bit of migrant activity that night across the country I think and I wonder if it wandered...but then I was in the middle of the woods. Not the sort of place I'd expect wanderers to appear.


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