Saturday, 16 July 2016

Another Ruddy one

A bit like London buses, another Ruddy Carpet last night, this time at Haugh Wood, the first record there for 16 years. Despite the warm and humid conditions, it was slow going at the wood although the end total after my usual 3 hour stint with 2 mv lights, wasn't a disaster. 63 macros plus Minors to id later and 29 micro species with a number still to look more closely at. I had a single Orange Footman turn up, in immaculate condition which made me look more than twice at it. But that's what it was. Mid-summer moths like Scalloped Oak and Bordered Beauty put in appearances. Topping the macro list for numbers were Buff Footman at 58, followed by Common Emerald with 26, then Common Footman on 21. Micros were dominated by Archips xylosteana with 66 individuals followed by Epiblema (Notocelia) uddmaniana (26).

Meanwhile back home I ran a single mv light and caught almost as many species and the trap was almost full in the morning. 57 macros (plus Minors) and 31 micros with some more to id later. The mid-summer theme continued with Lunar-spotted Pinion, Slender Brindle, second generation Early Thorn and Common Rustic all turning up. Nothing unusual this time in the trap. Topping the lists were Uncertain (33), Heart & Dart (16) and for micros, Eudonia lacustrata (45) and then Chrysoteuchia culmella still appearing on good number on 32. Peter Hall
Haugh Wood: Assara terebrella

Haugh Wood: Bordered Beauty

Haugh Wood: Ruddy Carpet

Bringsty Common: Small Emerald


  1. Nice work Peter, I like the Assara terebrella - never seen it.

  2. Excellent to see you are still counting - long may it continue!

  3. You have a lot to answer for Mister Wilton...


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