Saturday, 23 July 2016

Haugh Wood July 22nd

I made a last minute decision to go and trap at Haugh last night. Fairly slow again, but with some interesting moths turning up. Once the moon had risen it was all stop, so I made a slightly early exit. It also got cooler than expected. Just 61 macro species (plus Minors to do) and 39 micros with a few more to id later on. Of particular interest was the arrival of a pristine Clouded Magpie, followed soon after by a Brussels Lace (both new to the site) and then a Cloaked Carpet. I had an exciting 20 minutes. Other arrivals of interest were Barred Rivulet, Double Lobed, Mocha, White-line Snout, Muslin Footman, Satin Beauty, Ebulia crocealis and Assara terebrella. Very early on I had a Lesser Stag beetle arrive, with the fantastic name of Dorcus parallelipidepus. Peter Hall

Haugh Wood: Dorcus parallelipipedus

Haugh Wood: Clouded Magpie

Haugh Wood: Cloaked Carpet

Haugh Wood: Brussels Lace (sorry for poor image)

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