Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Haugh Wood, Mon 4th July.

A long standing agreement for Peter and I  to trap some Wyre specialities in June did not materialise this year due to holidays so I suggested Haugh Wood in July as an alternative and a new site for me. Meeting at Bringsty Common also gave me an opportunity to see his superb trapping location there - I'm surprised he wants to go moth-ing anywhere else!
The weather was fair with reasonable temperatures, though a little breezy with a few spots of rain and four traps recorded well over 100 species. 'As usual' I seemed to have fewer moths in my traps but I was delighted to see several Eidophasia messingiella, a new species for me although all individuals were rather worn. Cloaked Carpet was my macro of the night and a female Small Dotted Buff made me look twice as it's one I don't see that often and of course it is normally the male at light.
Patrick Clement
Eidophasia messingiella
Cloaked Carpet
Female Small Dotted Buff

Meanwhile, about 150 yards up the track, I had my 2 traps running, with one conveniently situated just in front of a wooden bench. My two traps recorded 92 species so far with around another 10 to be decided later in the year via the microscope. I also had numbers of Eidophasias plus 2 female Small Dotted Buff, and they made me look twice as well as they look slightly different to the males. It wasn't "busy" but there was a steady influx of moths and I was still recording new species at packing up time. I had Cloaked Carpet at the same location last year, but Patricks specimen was far fresher. Commonest moth was Archips xylosteana at 36 followed by Perinephela lancealis on 26. Satin Beauty were just emerging and very fresh and rather pretty. Unfortunately my camera skills weren't up to taking a decent shot (especially against Patrick's excellent images). Also 1 Muslin Footman, which for me, is unusual, although it does seem to be doing very well in the country at the moment. Very few Large Yellow Underwings or Heart & Dart, which was rather nice as there was considerably less bashing around in the traps as a result. The appearance of Cydia splendana tells me summer is advancing steadily. Here's a selection of images:
Haugh Wood: Catoptria pinella (1 recorded)

Haugh Wood: Apotomis capreana (5 recorded)
Haugh Wood:Beautiful Carpet (1 recorded)
Haugh Wood: Pine Carpet (1 recorded)
Haugh Wood: Rosy Footman (11 recorded)

Peter Hall 

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