Thursday, 2 June 2016

Wednesday Wyre visit

A daytime visit to the Wyre forest on a cool, slate grey day proved to be reasonably productive considering. Good numbers of Diamond Back moths were everywhere. It is hard to grasp the kind of numbers that must be involved in falls like this recent event. We also saw one Silver Y.

Many Micropterix moths were seen. The most numerous were calthella, mostly in the buttercup flowers. At least six aureatella were seen plus a couple of aruncella and one thunbergella. I would have loved to have completed the set with mansuetella, but that species was not to be found and, oddly, has never been recorded from the Wyre area.

Three species of Glyphipterix moths were seen, the most striking being forsterella.

Macros included Little Thorn, which appears to be widespread in the forest these days. Chimney Sweepers were around in the meadows, but sluggish due to the cold. There were also many Speckled Yellows on the wing.

A single Blossom Underwing larva was knocked out of bramble.

Oliver Wadsworth.


  1. Lovely photos as per usual. Uncountable numbers of xylostella in the fields and meadows between Hallow and the River Severn last night. There must be millions in the county at the moment.

  2. Thanks Billy,
    I've seen them in these kind of numbers on the coast before, but not inland.
    Just made a conservative estimate of the number in my garden trap tonight - over 100.

  3. There is always something to find in the day at this time of year and it's far less tiring than trapping through the night. As Billy says, lovely images.


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