Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Celypha woodiana

Thanks to Oliver for letting us see this adult Celypha woodiana (and to Steve for the lift!) before it was released onto the Pershore orchard from which the larva was reared. This was at the top of the list of species I wanted to catch up with during my time in Worcester, so I was relieved when it settled nicely for a photo!

This afternoon I went back to Grove Farm to find a couple more Epinotia specimens, after it appears that the dissection hasn't produced as clear cut results as hoped for - there is a possibility that the two specimens Oliver examined (that I assumed would be E. subsequana) are in fact two separate species. The mystery deepens!

I think I may have timed my visit to coincide with one of the final day of their flight period (whatever the species!) as I only saw five and all were extremely worn. Hopefully the two I collected can help shed some light on the species' identity.

Epinotia fraternana on the other hand was still looking as stunning as it was last week:

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