Sunday, 5 June 2016

A Trio of Tineids

          There is quite a lot of dead wood in our garden, either for wildlife habitat or for fuel and a couple of nights ago I noticed a couple of dozen Cork Moths around one log pile so I put a 15 watt actinic close by to see how many I would catch by morning. Well there wasn't a single cloacella in the trap when I checked the next day but I did have three other Tineids to photograph.
           Having decided on the snappy title for the post I was dismayed when my third subject escaped before I had managed a decent shot - 'A Duo of Tineids' was no good at all. Fortunately the escapee  was discovered and recaptured later in the day and my trio of images completed.

Tinea semifulvella
Triaxomera parasitella

Tinea trinotella
 Patrick Clement

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