Saturday, 11 June 2016

Kinver Edge, Friday 10th June

Broad-barred White
Lobesia reliquana

     A wet start held up the arrival of significant numbers of moths and certainly impacted on totals with my two traps producing about 65 species. However, the rain did stop after an hour or so and it was then pleasantly warm and humid though nothing like the conditions earlier in the week. I think there were 7 traps widely dispersed over the common and I'm sure there were many moths I didn't see, so just two photographs of my personal favourite micro and macro from my traps. Broad-barred White, a supposedly common moth but this was only my second, and Lobesia reliquana, simply because it's a little stunner!    Patrick Clement


  1. I know you are keen to include surrounding counties too Patrick, so here your total species is encouraging for me at least, where I recorded 40 species with a single mv light here in the extreme NW of Scotland on Thursday night, much fewer last night as it became very windy (around 20 species). Diamond-back still topping the list followed by Brown Rustic and Broom. Never had Brown Rustic as the commonest moth before. Also successful daytime hunts for Argent & Sable (8) and Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, which is pretty enough to be a moth.

    1. It was surrounding counties, not countries! No matter, I'm all in favour of it as my holiday venues are invariably chosen partly with moths in mind, it's good to hear from Sutherland.

  2. Been coming here since 1994. It's a stunning place for moths provided the weather plays ball. About 8 years ago we came late September/early October and one night I had over 3000 moths in the trap, it was simply heaving. I vary the visit times to get a good variety of species for the site.


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