Sunday, 5 June 2016

Phaulernis dentella

Netted this Phaulernis dentella from a rose bush near my student house whilst searching unsuccessfully for Lampronia morosa this evening.

It wasn't the easiest moth to photograph, and nor is it in very good condition, but the remnants of scale tufts and a pale patch behind the head help give it away as P. dentella. There's plenty of Ground Elder and Rough Chervil in the hedgerows, so it wasn't a complete surprise. That said, I'm guessing there aren't too many previous county records of this elusive species.


  1. Well done Billy, I can't access Mapmate at the moment, I'm sure Oliver will let you know about records.

  2. Amazingly, only three previous records, but it is that kind of moth - not usually encountered unless you look for it specifically.

  3. Interesting to know. Thanks both.


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