Sunday, 26 June 2016

Heart and Club

Yesterday morning's trap inspection puzzled me enough to pot up this rather 'two-tone' medium sized dart. After seeing Oliver's Heart & Dart ab at Childswickham on Tuesday I suspected this may be another. Steve Nash came to the rescue - Heart & Club,  only the second one here
at Warndon, that I know of!


  1. Rob and myself recorded one from Bromyard Downs over the weekend. Not had one yet in the garden here.

  2. Steve Nash remarked that at Highworth, Wilts he gets 50-50 H&D:H&C at this time of year!

  3. I used to get plenty in the Chilterns when I lived there. No idea why it's not common in there parts.

  4. It seems to like the higher ground in Worcs. The Malvern area gets most and I get a few around my neck of the woods, I assume because I am right under the Broadway escarpment. Elsewhere it turns up every now and then but rarely in numbers.


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