Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Bringsty Common

The cool nights are really frustrating and catches here are well down on what I would hope for at this time of year. I've also hardly ventured out of the garden and a last minute decision to visit Haugh the other day was rewarded with long periods of waiting for a moth to arrive....followed by an early pack up. Last night in the garden, as an example, it had dropped already to just 11 by the time it got properly dark and even Large Yellow Underwings were in single figures this morning and Heart & Dart just making double digits (13). Last nights moths of interest were Small Scallop, Scallop Shell and a Cinnabar. In total 35 macro species and just 10 micros.

Regarding the website, apologies for the Useful Links disappearing the other day. I added the new Moth Dissection link and they all then disappeared and I gave up trying to fix it. It has since re-appeared I'm pleased to say. 

Bringsty Common: Small Scallop

Bringsty Common:Scallop Shell

Bringsty Common:Cinnabar

Peter Hall

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