Thursday, 13 August 2015

Haugh Wood August 12th

I decided to go and trap at Haugh Wood as it was due to be a mild one. Only 1 hornet and Large Yellow Underwings in low numbers...what more could I wish for? It was quite slow despite the warm conditions - starting off at 19 and only falling to 16 at pack up time (after 3 hours). Very few late summer species, but quite a few second broods appearing and absolutely no migrants. Of interest were: Cloaked Carpet, Devon Carpet, Pine Carpet, Barred Rivulet, Tissue, Rosy Footman and White-line Snout. In total 58 macros and 42 micro species recorded with the usual pots of micros to id later. That was running 2 white Robinsons. Meanwhile the single home-made Robinson type running in the garden at Bringsty had 2 hornets, a flotilla of carrion beetles (what is the collective noun?) more macros (59 species) but fewer micros (17 species). And unlike Haugh, there were 53 Large Yellow Underwings - a drop from last weeks tallies. Of interest was a Gold Spot, a Magpie moth, yet another Waved Black and migrants in the form of 4 Nomophila noctuella. Peter Hall
Haugh Wood: Argyresthia goedartella.
This one was completely gold,
just shows what the flash shows up

Haugh Wood: Pine Carpet

Haugh Wood: Tissue

Bringsty Common: Magpie

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