Friday, 21 August 2015

Bringsty Common August 20th

I thought I'd give a brief update on last nights garden catch. It's the first outing for the trap for a week due to cold nights. For me the most amazing result is a lack of a species. Last night I caught my first Square-spot Rustics of the year and in a trap full of moths, there were only 2. Is this normal for the area? In total 43 macro species, with Large Yellow Underwing topping the numbers at 93 individuals. Flame Shoulder next on 38, Small Square-spot (34) followed by Six-striped Rustic on 23. When I checked the trap around midnight, I was delighted to spot an Angle-striped Sallow in the grass. Micros totalled 23 species with Eudonia mercurella most frequent with 36 followed by Pleuroptya ruralis 22. Not too bad for late August. I note on the Ceredigion blog, the arrival of a Sallow already. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Angle-striped Sallow (in a tube)


  1. Square-spot Rustic hasn't really got going yet over here in Bucks either. I had my first on 2nd August and since then it has appeared sporadically in the garden but with a maximum count on any one night of two individuals. I suspect it will explode into activity next week...

  2. That helps. It was out in good numbers on the 15th at College Lake, so I assumed it was getting plentiful.


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