Saturday, 22 August 2015

Brockhampton Estate August 21st

I think we are all catching similar moths at the moment. Patrick with 78 species, last night for me at a fairly quiet Brockhampton Estate, it was 72 species. Once I'd removed the influx of hornets, there were long periods between new species arriving, although the Large Yellows made it look busy enough. Long enough breaks to start snapping photos with the camera. I'll leave out the Canary Shouldered Thorns as Patrick has done that one, but below are a couple of snaps, including the usual view of a Black Arches. Of interest were Blomer's Rivulet - still arriving (3), Bulrush Wainscot - presumably flown from the Typha about half a mile away at Lawn Pool - Brown-tail and Bordered Beauty. I'll check with Phyl on the status of Brown-tail, the NBN Gateway maps show a blob free zone around here.

On another issue, has anyone with Mapmate braved installing Windows 10? I've been trying to install 10 on Claire's PC without success so far (where my second Mapmate cuk is housed). Peter Hall
Brockhampton: Bordered Beauty

Brockhampton: Ypsolopha parenthesella

Brockhampton: Brown-tail

Brockhampton: Black Arches


  1. No Brown-tails on the vc36 database Peter.
    I've nervously signed up for Windows 10 but haven't received it yet. Phyl King

  2. That's good to hear. Always nice to add another to the list. Claire has managed to download Windows 10 on her computer and is trying to get used to the new format, but more importantly Mapmate seems to be working fine.

  3. Don't Microsoft usually take about two years to eliminate all the bugs in their new operating systems? (or decide the system is rubbish anyway and bring out another?)
    Sent from my MacBook pro.

  4. I asked the guy at Mapmate some weeks ago. He summed it up by saying Microsoft alternate between a good system and a bad one. 8 was bad, 7 was good, so he said 10 should be fine (there is no 9). But there will be glitches and no doubt a host of patches, but Mr Mapmate also said all the systems are basically Windows XP with some front dressing. I shall give the wife a couple of months to get used to the new system - she says it is more like a tablet app now - before I take the plunge. Mapmate gave up getting MS 8 to work, maybe 10 will be better for the programme. I shall play on Claire's PC to see how it performs also.

  5. Update on Windows 10: It partially works with Mapmate but not completely it seems. Analysis doesn't work. I shall await Mapmate green light before installing the new system.

  6. Took the plunge with Val's Windows 7 lap-top today (on which sits my spare cuk) and, touch wood, everything seems to be working with MapMate under Windows 10, Analysis included.

  7. Are you brave enough to do your main one though? I synced Hereford records today on the Windows 10 Mapmate, but still can't analyse, apart from under Data Entry F9 Custom Query.

  8. Nope! This computer is 8.1 and I remember being amazed when MapMate transferred to it without a hitch. I'll leave well alone until I've heard lots more comments.


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